I hate:

1. When I get ID'd to go see an R rated movie because I "look young".
2. Watered down drinks from 7/11.
3. When someones shoes don't match what they're wearing.
4. Girls who won't even look at a guy who's not driving a $50 000 car.
5. When I get the "This page can not be displayed" screen.
6. Power trippin security guards/customs officers/supervisors.
7. Fuckers at work who are lazier than me, calling me lazy.
8. When People whine about my gum being too hot.
9. Dogs in sweaters.
10. When the rims on a car cost more than the car itself.
11. Rims and/or an exhaust on an unlowered car.
12. People who cut their stock springs to lower their car.
13. People who do up Neons/Cavaliers/Sunfires.
14. That mind numbing piss smell in public washrooms.